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The wonders of hydrangeas, explored and pictured.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Karen North Wells, Cape Cod Artist

In July of this year some members of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society including yours truly provided hydrangea information to visitors to Country Garden, a lovely garden center located in Hyannis. Country Garden has an annual hydrangea celebration with masses of hydrangeas for sale to tempt home gardeners along with special instructional programs including ours. While we were hosting a hydrangea question and answer session local artist Karen North Wells was painting hydrangeas nearby. I have loved Karen's art in general and paintings of hydrangeas in particular ever since I discovered them when I first moved to the Cape, so it was a delight to talk with her and to see her current project in progress. Even better, I got to see the completed painting a week ago, first on her blog (www.karennorthwells.blogspot.com) and then in person when I viewed it where it is currently displayed at Cape Cup, a coffee shop in Orleans.

Artwork featuring hydrangeas is common on the Cape but Karen's paintings of hydrangeas are uncommonly beautiful. She captures their vibrant beauty in a way that speaks to me. I particularly like the piece called "The Honeymooners". To see some of her artwork go to www.karennorthwells.com and I think you will agree that her art is visually stunning. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dancing Hydrangeas

Last week at this time we were just getting power restored after Irene came through. Hurricane Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm before it reached us with significant winds. These winds were not nearly as threatening as they could have been. We had been worried about trees coming down. Instead we only had small branches and leaves to clean up in the storm's aftermath.

What I will remember most about this storm was watching my hydrangeas dance in the wind. Outside my bedroom window I had a clear view of a fairly young 'Incrediball' with its big white flowers. The wind was tossing those flowers around vigorously and I wondered if they would survive the storm. Beyond them I could see the big white flowers of H.p. 'Limelight' getting the same treatment. Their whirling dances looked exhausting with no time for the shrubs to catch their breath before the next buffeting wave of wind came along. I was sure branches would be snapped off in the wind or, at the very least, flowers would be lost. But I was wrong. When the storm passed they looked fine, a little bedraggled maybe, but with all flowers intact. 

The experience left me impressed with the resilience of my hydrangeas and grateful my strongest memory is that of dancing hydrangeas and not downed trees. 
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