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Available Spring 2013

Heavenly Hydrangeas by Joan Harrison is the perfect hydrangea how-to book for both beginning and experienced gardeners. If you want to find out the right way of pruning or propagating or preserving hydrangeas, look no further. Entire chapters are devoted to flower color, drying hydrangeas, hydrangeas as cut flowers, site selection, and how to choose the right hydrangea(s) for your garden. The book is filled with lush photos of hydrangeas to assist in making points clear and to remind, with their beauty, why everyone should consider planting hydrangeas in their garden. Included is a lengthy appendix with frequently asked questions about hydrangeas.

Heavenly Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas: Cape Cod and the Islands

Joan Harrison

With over 340 striking color photos of hydrangeas on Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard, this book inspires as it captures the beauty of the quintessential flower of this region.

Schiffer Books, 2012

Hydrangeas:Cape Cod and the Islands


Hydrangeas for American Gardens

Michael A. Dirr

Timber Press, 2004


Complete Hydrangeas

Glyn Church

Firefly Books, 2007

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