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Hydrangea Containers
It's fun to find containers that show hydrangeas off to best effect.
This applies to containers for cut flowers and containers filled with potted plants. 
Perhaps the photos on this page will inspire you to find
 interesting containers in which to display
your own hydrangeas.

Blue bottle at outdoor cafe in Ghent, Belgium
copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

It's hard to see in the picture above but the glass that accompanied the blue bottle was etched with the brand name "Eaulala". That combined with the cobalt blue base of the glass made a very effective presentation. I wrapped this bottle carefully before traveling home from Belgium. I could just picture it with blue hydrangeas and was very happy with the end result.

Blue bottle with hydrangeas
copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

Hydrangea in blue bottle photo art

copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

A window box filled with potted hydrangeas in early spring. This was one of many window boxes filled with hydrangeas during Boston's 2005 "Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill" tour.


When I found this candleholder at a flea market it was painted black and had many rust spots. I thought it would look much better if it were painted white. I could picture mophead hydrangeas displayed on each tier but shallow containers for water were needed. I looked around the flea market with that in mind. 


I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find exactly the kind of bowls I needed. The white bowls edged in gold fit perfectly. I couldn't wait to go home, get the candleholder painted a glossy white, put the bowls on top and fill them with hydrangeas.

Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

I was happy when this all came together. The container has been used on the mantel over my fireplace, on the island in my kitchen, and as a centerpiece on my dining room table. With only three flowers from my garden I can achieve a very attractive look. Sometimes I use flowers of all the same color and sometimes I vary the colors. Each time it looks a little different but it always looks wonderful.

Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

Candleholder as dining room centerpiece.

Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

The white of the candleholder shows up well against a dark background.

Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

Usually my dogwood tree blooms earlier than my hydrangeas but this year the dogwood was laden with blooms when the first hydrangeas started to emerge. When I saw how beautiful they looked together in a cut flower arrangement I was very happy I'd already planted some hydrangeas under the dogwood tree. The next time they're in bloom at the same time they are bound to look stunning.

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