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copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

When I first saw this magnificent climbing hydrangea at Holehird Gardens in England's Lake District I knew I had to have at least one climbing hydrangea in my own garden. You need a sturdy support for a climbing hydrangea as it can become quite heavy over time.

copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

I planted a climbing hydrangea at the base of one of the trees supporting a hammock in my back yard. It took a long time to get established (about three years) but once it did, it took off. When I noticed that it was simultaneously crawling away from the base of the tree, I cut that section off and moved it to the base of the other tree where it is now getting established.

copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

The flowers of climbing hydrangeas are white with a kind of lacey effect. Appearing in early spring, the flowers emerge from the secondary growth; the primary growth is that which attaches to its support, in this case, the tree. Since the climbing hydrangea devotes most of its energy to climbing to the top of whatever support is available, the flower production will be sparse until it completes the climb.

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Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison