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How to make a hydrangea topiary

Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison

Decorative topiaries at florist shops and gift shops can be quite expensive. You can save money and create your own elegant creations by using a few inexpensive materials. Using hydrangeas, which dry well, means the topiary you create can grace your home for a long time without losing any of its beauty.

things you'll need:

  • Stems of dried mophead hydrangeas
  • Container for the topiary
  • Wired ribbon
  • Floral foam
  • Twist ties

 Choose the container in which you want to create your topiary design. It should be heavy enough to support the weight of the finished topiary so that it won't be easily knocked over. An opaque container works well, to hide the floral foam used to support the stems. Think about the room where you want to display your finished topiary and choose a container with the right design and color to enhance your decorating scheme.

Insert a solid block of foam into the base so that it fits snugly. You may have to trim the foam with a knife to get it to the perfect size. If the piece of foam you use is too small, add more pieces of foam around the edges until the main block of foam is secure and snugly in place.

Select a dried hydrangea stem to be the main stem of the topiary. It should have a fairly large flower head and be free from blemishes. Check to make sure it looks good from all sides if your finished topiary will be viewable from all sides. Look for one with a nice straight sturdy stem. Insert this stem into the center of the floral foam in your chosen container.

Select a second stem, this one with a smaller flower head than that on the main stem. This stem is likely to be narrower than the first and more pliable. Slide the stem through the center of the top of the main flower head until the smaller flower is positioned where you want it, as centered as possible. Secure the stems close together with twist ties.

Cover the twist ties with a wired ribbon in a color designed to enhance the overall effect. Allow enough ribbon length to let the ribbon fall gracefully from the stems. Trim as desired.

Insert short stems of dried mophead hydrangeas into the container at the base, to hide the floral foam and create the third level of the topiary.

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Copyright 2011 Joan Harrison